We produce over 20 different sausages, each unique in flavor and texture. 

Since we start with the best local Berkshire pork around, you know you’ll be eating an incredible product. We are serious about sausage making and take a few extra steps that aren’t really extra, but necessary in creating a superior product; you will taste them in every bite.

We use primal cuts to make our gourmet sausage; Boston butt, loin and belly from freshly ground, house butchered and locally raised Berkshire hogs.

No pre-mix here and no MSG! We freshly grind all of our seasonings, which are GMO free. We even use Real Salt, locally mined in Redmond, Utah.

The pork is cut by hand and mixed in a vacuum tumbler to evenly distribute the seasonings before the meat is even ground. This step you can really taste!

Next, we grind the meat. Depending on the type of sausage we are producing this in itself could be a four step process. It ensures a sausage perfect in texture that is nearly fool proof to finish at home.

Finally, we meticulously stuff and tie the sausages before letting them hang and bloom for 24 hours.  After this final step of flavor development, the sausages, depending on variety are smoked, steamed or packed raw ready for you to enjoy!

Here is a glimpse of available sausages in our retail store:

Bacon Sausage




Swiss Bratwurst


Louisiana Hot


Mild & Spicy Italian

Chicken & Apple

Lamb & Herb